Vue.js development services

With a strong knowledge and proven expertise in front-end development using Vue.js, Epicmax supports its clients across industries and geographies to accelerate innovation, optimize costs and deliver results, be it end-to-end execution or consulting.
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Development & consulting

Single page applications

vue.js development
We use SPAs to enhance user experience through better page loading speed, responsiveness, uninterrupted connection and mobile-friendly approach.

Hybrid applications

We use hybrid apps as a perfect blend of both native and web solutions. They offer an easier development approach, cost savings, and compatibility across a variety of platforms.

SSR applications

We use SSR to boost user engagement, to better website performance and page loading speed for page visitors, and provide better SEO possibilities, from e-commerce to social networks.

Migration to Vue

We help execute migration of your project to Vue while minimizing feature regressions, avoiding platform downtime, and continuing to deliver new features to clients.

UX/UI design

We use best UX/UI practices to easily and quickly build engaging products by designing a prototype and testing its usability.

Software architecture consulting

We help companies eliminate bottlenecks and build modular, scalable, maintainable and testable software solutions by giving applicable recommendations. We choose the most suitable tools and platforms for your project thus cutting down your company’s expenses.

Code quality audit

We help companies make comprehensive analysis of their software products, tech stack, source code and processes to reveal architectural flaws, vulnerabilities or other mistakes that make software less reliable, scalable or secure, and help find solutions to eliminate them.

Team extension

We help reinforce a client’s team by adding our seasoned developers to it; interview and hire the right candidates with the right expertise thus saving client’s time, lowering administrative efforts and overhead costs.

How do we work

Step 1
Project discovery and problem statement
Step 2
Find and build the development team with the right skill set
Step 3
Dedicated team joins the client’s project

Hire our Vue.js developers

Access to the best Vue.js developers in the industry
Experience proven by the Open Source community and our clients
Smooth integration into a client’s team and his internal processes
Direct and transparent communication between a client and a developer
Creativity in problem solving and high involvement in the project

Our portfolio


Increasing transparency of supply chains with sustainabill, the cloud supply chain management platform.

Region: USA

ECFX Notice

Speeding up the development of ECFX Notice, the enterprise legal notice management system.

Region: Germany

Educational Application

Enabling corporate employees to create internal educational courses without developers’ help.

Region: UK

Our technology stack