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Vue.js admin template

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That is really nice. I have been meaning to jump into Vue and now I have a reason.”

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Vue.js hybrid mobile app

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Epicmax proved to be a team of professionals. UI/UX design, it's implementation, communication - everything was great. We've formed a long term collaboration, where they are truly an extension of our team.”

Bogdan Arsenie, CTO of Guest Networks


Visual profile for software engineers

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Epicmax has quickly become an indispensable and natural extension of our core team at Sourcerer. Working on the UX for engineering profiles, they stepped in wherever needed and provided excellent execution every time. We quickly forgot they were a remote team, and grew to fully rely on them.”

Sergey Surkov, CEO of Sourcerer

Epic Spinners

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Amazing work, I love it! This kind of projects really prove when developers love their job”

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