Educational Application (NDA)

Enabling corporate employees to create internal educational courses without developers’ help

Our client is a creative IT agency for tech giants and start-ups that helps businesses launch products, raise investment and increase revenue. 
Project duration:
Ongoing, July, 2021 - present


The client challenged us to build a page builder Nuxt plugin that would allow him to create new pages for an educational application.

The application was meant to be used by an international corporation - allowing its employees to develop and book educational courses. The client had 3 separate projects in the education field which he planned to merge via page builder.

The plugin should support authorisation, portal management, access control and page navigation. Key elements of functionality were supposed to be: responsiveness and possibility to quickly add/edit new pages without the help of frontend developers.


Within a month and a half, Epicmax’s dedicated Vue.js development team created a MVP.

The app enabled its end users to create webpages and update their content. After the MVP was presented to the client, it was decided to evolve it into a Nuxt plugin that would help employees who were not familiar with programming to create pages with minimal time, effort and technical knowledge.

Throughout the development cycle a lot of ideas and solutions were introduced by our dedicated Vue.js team. As new features were being constantly added to the project’s roadmap, the core architecture was elaborated to be effortlessly scaled.

Also, a flexible library configuration method was introduced that allowed library tools to be heavily customisable. As the client didn’t provide design mockups, our developers were in charge of the design of the whole project.

At first, our developers joined the client’s team as an extra help to the existing team to speed up the development process of other products. Later we took charge of the page builder’s frontend development.

Key results


Powerfully configurable dashboard (enable/disable components)
Ability to create/configure custom collections, and generate a UI for it
Access/Permission manager (grant / remove permissions to dashboard and different sections)
The ability to expand the basic set of components with custom components
Nuxt and Firebase plugins with custom configurable components
Live editing
Time travel (revert changes, revert on revert) 
Page versions history and backup ability
Page preview
Ability to scale content
Page/Section templates (ability to create template, it speeds up content creation)

Technology stack

Nuxt, Firebase, Vue 2, Vuex, TailwindCSS

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